As a cyclist living in London, security and preventing your bike from theft is one of the main obstacles we face on a daily basis.  Investing in a decent lock for your new or existing bike should be your priority after the investment.

There are a variety of locks that could be bought but this usually means buying two locks to ensure maximum protection.  There is also the issue of how secure the lock is and how quickly a thief can either pick the lock or cut through them with a pair of bolt cutters.  Chain locks; usually made of hardened steel are a good choice when it comes to protection.  They are immune to jack attacks and are more difficult to attack with a power tool.  A good chain lock is probably the highest in security when it comes to protecting your bike.

Master lock’s hardened steel chain with mini u lock is an example of the highest in security that can be achieved in a lock.  Made with hardened steel, this lock will resist sawing, cutting and prying.  It also features a security disc cylinder that prevents picking and its dual locking lever prevents hammering.



The disadvantage of chain locks comes at the cost of the weight, which is a small compromise for protection of your bicycle.

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