It’s yours and your girlfriend’s anniversary of six months, three years, seven years, and you don’t know how to celebrate.  However long you’ve been together, you should celebrate in style. If you and your girlfriend have been together for a while, the chances are that your celebrations have become a little mundane.


Perhaps you always go to the same restaurant or do the same thing to celebrate? Maybe you don’t bother celebrating at all? Or, perhaps you never seem to celebrate properly? However you usually celebrate your anniversary, this year, you can ensure that it’s far more fun, romantic and stylish.




To help you plan an amazing anniversary celebration, here are a few tips and ideas:




Surprise your partner with a fancy breakfast in bed, complete with a glass of champagne. On your anniversary, your celebrations can never start too early, and breakfast in bed is the perfect way to start the day.

Whether your girlfriend is a fan of poached eggs and salmon, pancakes or a fry up, you can surprise her with a delicious anniversary breakfast.




If you have been together for a few years, the chances are that your anniversary celebrations have become a little dull, am I right? So why not bring back the spark by re-living your first date, once again?

Whether you went out for a fancy dinner, headed to the movies or had a day-date, you can easily re-create it. Even if you have moved away from where you first met, or the place that you had your first date at, has gone, you can still find simple ways to recreate it.




If you want to celebrate in style, another fantastic way you can do that is by planning an amazing night out for the two of you. Book a table at the nicest restaurant in town, get all dressed up and hire a fancy car to drop you off.

When it comes to choosing a car to travel in, something with champagne on offer would be perfect, such as a limo. Limos don’t have to be too expensive, even with champagne on tap, you can find some great deals. If you know where to look, you can find a cheap limo service that can provide you with the perfect mode of transport for your special night.




If you want to celebrate your special day in true romantic style, why not plan a weekend away? If you are both fairly, busy with work and rarely get to spend time together, a weekend away is the ideal way to celebrate.

Choose a location that you know she will love – somewhere that she has always wanted to go or is special to you. Book a room in a swanky hotel – perhaps there is somewhere that she has always wanted to stay at, and have an amazing time together.

Your anniversary is an important day, and so, should be celebrated in style. If you love your girlfriend and are happy in your relationship, it’s important to show her that by planning an amazing way to celebrate the big day.



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