Established in Triuggio, near Milan in Italy, in 1934 as a family business.  Canali was the first Italian tailor to introduce mechanised cutting machines.  Since then, the brand has expanded, now specialising in both men’s formal and casualwear, while maintaining the original values of craftsmanship and quality with all items still being produced in Canali centres throughout Italy.  Each centre specializes in the creation a specific product categories to ensure perfection in every item by their exceedingly skilled and traditional craftsmen.



For Canali, Made in Italy is not just a label, but the result of a longstanding tradition that interweaves culture and history, style and taste, a quest for excellence and respect for professionalism, quality and reliability.



Canali also offer a made to measure service, though only available in Germany, Italy, Norway, Qatar and the United States.  The Su Misura experience offers an in depth consultation with one of the master tailors that is unique to each customer’s taste and needs.  With a choice of over 500 fabrics including exclusive seasonal selections. Autumn/Winter fabrics range from water resistant wools to pure cashmere and blends of camels, angora and mohair.




Being a luxury tailor does not limit this luxury brand to bespoke suits and tailored items.  The attention to details and superior craftsmanship extends to their wool scarves, leather calfskin bags and recently a pair of limited edition PRYMA for Canali headphones.  These handmade headphones are made with premium Italian leather on the headband, a copper and stainless steel buckle, brushed aluminium shell with nickel coating, a cushioned shell interior and many more.

The entire collection can be viewed on their website and also includes the from catwalk to shop.

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