September is here and the mercury is slowly beginning to fall, causing us all to consider a serious sartorial shift for the purpose of comfort, and of course, style.

Fall is that awkward in-between season where we’re never sure whether to give our shorts and t-shirts one last hurrah or to break out the wool knit jumpers – invariably, neither is the right choice. So how can we combat this whilst still maintaining a cool, classy look?


The answer is simple: layering.






Rather than opting for one large bulky item, the key to layering is to build your look up with ensembles which could be considered individual outfits themselves. You can start by working your way up with a simple shirt – as I’ve said before, shirts aren’t just for dressing up – so keep yourself cool or wrap up warm by starting with this base layer.

Next you’ll want a waistcoat or cardigan which can form the middle layer between your shirt and jacket but can be easily removed for those stuffy office situations.


Joe ottaway


The great thing about layering is that it gives us a good opportunity to mix smart with casual – if you’re looking for more of an office look, then stick with the aforementioned waistcoat. If you want something more casual, try a cardigan or polo neck jumper – just ensure it is thin enough to wear under a jacket.



Next, complete your final layer with an informal jacket, perhaps a leather/pleather biker jacket. These look great in all situations – walk into the office with one of these over your formal inner layers and you’ll give off the impression of somebody who cares about grooming but isn’t afraid to be a little rebellious.






While it’s all fun and games to be a rebel without a cause, that doesn’t mean we have to forgo the practical elements of our style. A simple scarf which complements our outfit colours and doesn’t stifle us is the perfect accessory in this transitional weather. Leave the wool at home for now – instead, opt for a lighter material like Harris Tweed. This Blue Herringbone scarf from Catherine Aitken can be taken on and off with ease, and is reminiscent of the infamous ‘scarf guy’ at the iPhone 6 launch back in 2014.


If you’re having a bad hair day, you can cheat by investing in a flat cap – this classic design never goes out of style, and nobody will know you’re using it to mask the effects of the morning after the night before.


Whatever your style, be it office ready or James Dean, fall is the season to be experimental with all of those layers in your wardrobe which look great by themselves – and even better as an ensemble.



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